House committee finds Gadon impeachment complaint vs Sereno sufficient in form and substance

MANILA, Philippines — House Committee on Justice said the impeachment complaint filed by Atty. Larry Gadon against Supreme Court Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno is sufficient in form and substance.

Thirty congressmen voted to declare the complaint as such while five voted against it.

In the said hearing, Bayan Muna Party list Rep. Carlos Zarate questioned the evidence presented by the complainant.

“Even if you read the complaint all the allegations are base on news paper clippings I don’t think that is personal knowledge,” Zarate said.

But Majority Floor Leader Cong. Rudy Fariñas said they have original copies of the documents from the Supreme Court.

“The Office of the Clerk of Court en Banc is directed to furnish to Atty. Lorenzo Gadon certified true copies of the following document…it list down 20 documents including the list of foreign travel all lawyers of the office of the Chief Justice,” Fariñas said.

Meanwhile the committee dismissed the complaint filed by Dante Jimenez of VACC and Atty. Eligio Mallari of the Vanguard.

Cong. Fariñas, one of the lawmakers who voted against it, said the complaint is not verified and not notarized.

“It has to have personal knowledge and then or culled for an authentic records but that’s not what they put in the verification they just copied the verification by 1/3 of all the members of the house,” Fariñas added.

The complainant requested the House Committee to allow them to fix it before dismissing the complaint.

“If we could still rectify this form because we admit it is our first time to file against complaint against the Chief Justice,” said Jimenez.

However, the House Committee said it does not want to waste time for an unverified complaint.

“I declare that the second complaint that of Dante Jimenez and the other complainant already dismiss, what’s next I have already order the com sec to already send notice to the Chief Justice to answer,” House Committee on Justice Chairman Rep. Reynaldo Umali said.

In the next hearing of the committee, the lawmakers will determine if the complaint has probable cause.  The witnesses in the complaint will also appear in the said hearing.

Gadon noted six Supreme Court justices will testify against the chief magistrate. – Grace Casin | UNTV News & Rescue

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