Houston trick punt attempt goes horribly wrong (video)

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Everything seemed to be going so well for Houston. The Texans were pushing around the once-mighty Patriots, 22-9. Davis Mills was dealing like Tom Brady crossed with Joe Montana. And then ... then things went sideways.

Facing a 4th-and-2 on their own 36, Houston pulled a double-reverse that didn't fool anyone but the Texans themselves. Terrence Brooks went in motion and lined up behind the center like he was about to take the snap up close. As New England's defense came rushing toward the line, Johnson dropped back for the routine punt. Strange decision, but OK. Then it really got weird. 

Johnson punted the ball far too low, dinging right off the back of Brooks's helmet. The ball spun right out of bounds, giving New England the ball deep in Texans territory.

In days past, that would have been a guaranteed seven points. But these aren't days past for New England, and the Patriots could only manage to move the ball three yards on three downs. Nick Folk came in for the field goal, and unlike last week against Tampa Bay, he didn't miss. The Texans still held a 10-point lead, but they had to be thanking the football gods that mess of a play didn't go much worse. 


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