HPE Alletra: State-of-the-art innovation of cloud infrastructure

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By Kaila Jewels Tashvana B. Cajelo

YOUR data have never been more safeguarded and improved until now. With HPE Alletra, a new category of data infrastructure emerges. Together with Trends & Technologies Inc. (TRENDS), HPE Alletra introduces the newest solution that simplifies access and usage of data infrastructure.

Trends delivers to its customers its experience and expertise on various storage platforms through catering to diverse verticals such as Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail, Contact Center, BPO, Banking, Media Broadcasting, and also in the Telecommunications industry. Cloud storage is available everywhere, however, Trends prioritizes its customer's overall experience.

HPE Alletra is specifically designed for business transformational I.T. solutions by accelerating company innovations and by exceeding customer expectations. Also, it is built for any vertical with applications transforming from traditional to modern. Any industry that works with a hybrid I.T. environment would benefit from this new innovation of data.

Additionally, HPE Alletra aids I.T. professionals in transforming faster and much more reliable processes that will help run any type of application. Alletra offers a 30-day guaranty satisfaction support, best in class and efficiency, 99.9999 percent availability, and is also open on a consumption base as a service offering.

Powered by HPE Infosight, the most advanced AI for infrastructure, it provides a predictive model of support and management that predicts and prevents problems. Also, AI-driven recommendations improve performance, drive higher availability, and optimize utilization and planning. This helps I.T. professionals in the exercise of simple deployment, with no I.T. specialists required. Predictive support and automation enable HP Alletra to eliminate level one and level two support.

In the process of safeguarding data, HPE Alletra meets compliance requirements with built-in security and delivers secure FIPS 140-2 encrypted data infrastructure, and helps secure compliance with robust authorization, access control, and logging capabilities across reliable connections.

Trends enable technological and business solutions with decades of experience in Information and Communication technology. Along with HPE's trust and recognition, Trends constantly deliver innovative and excellent solutions and services to help with digital transformation and business transformation regardless of range and size. Trends recognize the customers' goal to unlock the power of their data through a coherent roadmap. (Sponsored Content)

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