Huang Yiliang and Chantalle Ng in war of words over a slap that landed her in hospital

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Actress Chantalle Ng said on the talk show Hear U Out that her father Huang Yiliang had hit her when she was 11 years old, landing her in hospital for a week.
Actress Chantalle Ng said on the talk show Hear U Out that her father Huang Yiliang had hit her when she was 11 years old, landing her in hospital for a week. (PHOTO: Hear U Out screenshot; Huang Yiliang Facebook screenshot)

Former actor Huang Yiliang is in the headlines again – this time, after he made a 30-minute livestream rebuttal against estranged daughter Chantalle Ng for saying that he caused her to land in hospital after beating her.

Actress Chantalle Ng, who is daughter to divorced parents Huang and Lin Meijiao, who's also an actress, said last week on Quan Yifong's Mandarin talk show Hear U Out that Huang had hit her when she was 11 years old, resulting in her having to be warded in hospital for a week.

Newcomer Chantalle, who became popular this year for her role as a Vietnamese bride in Channel 8 drama My Star Bride, was speaking to host Quan Yifong about her close relationship with her mother. 

In tears at some points, she recounted how her parents divorced when she was only a year old, and she was afraid to see her father every Sunday because of his fierce and temperamental personality. One day, he hit her because a tuition teacher had apparently told him that she wasn't doing well in her studies.

The incident of Huang beating Chantalle, who is now 25, had made the news at that time, but her identity had not been released by the court so as to protect her as a minor.

Huang was unhappy at Chantalle's interview and subsequent press coverage in the Chinese papers, and on Sunday (26 Sept) took to a Facebook livestream video to provide his side of the story in a half-hour long speech. 

The video can still be viewed here:

In his video, Huang, wearing an orange polo tee and sitting before news front pages of Chinese tabloid Lianhe Wanbao pasted onto the wall behind him, criticises Chantalle and Lin for damaging his reputation. 

Speaking in Mandarin, Huang directly addressed Chantalle in the video, at one point checking whether she was among the viewers on the livestream. The father and daughter have not been seeing each other since Chantalle was about 11 years old.

Huang said he loves Chantalle and was hurt by her words. Through the video, he wanted to tell her things that he had kept from her previously because she was a child. 

He said that the incident in which he slapped her was a show put up for Lin, and that he didn't use any force when he hit her. He claimed that he had a conversation with his ex-wife three days prior to the incident in which Lin told him to be the "bad cop" and let her be the "good cop". Huang asked Chantalle to ask her mother about the truth.

Huang also said that he had used the same method of disciplining children by scaring them with a cane many times with his friends' kids, at his friends' request, but he never actually hit them.

After Huang's divorce in 1997, he remarried and had a son with his second wife. Since leaving showbiz in 2006, Huang had been running his own plumbing business. 

Huang had served a 10-month jail sentence that began in March this year for assaulting his worker with a metal scraper.

He is fighting another ongoing court case for allegedly fighting with a man and hitting him on his head with a mobile phone.

Since this is Huang Yiliang, who is known for his quotable quotes, here are a few more things that he said in his pretty long livestream:

I was worried for you in school. I love you and I don’t want you to fail. I’m surprised you got to university, with your liao (ability)… but I’m happy that you were so hardworking.

There’s something I feel that I need to tell you, so you at least don’t hate your father… Papa loves you very much. Don’t hate me so much. Don’t talk rubbish about fearing that I might get angry at any time and go crazy or explode. When I heard that, I was very angry and sad.

When I hit you, I didn’t use any strength. You said you had to be in hospital for a week. Don’t do this. Were you there for observation or something? Lin Meijiao blew up the matter and made it a court case, and pretended to be innocent. This isn’t right.

When you were in university, I made a will. I have two children. One is Chantalle Ng. The other one is Huang Xianming. I divided my money equally between you. I didn’t leave you out. I gave you 30%. I also gave my son 30%. As for the remaining 40%, 20% of that is for Auntie Lily, and the last 20% is for your mother Lin Meijiao. Now that you’ve grown up, should I change this will? You’ve already finished university. Just joking!

I have another ongoing court case. You shouldn’t say that your mother was very great but your father beat you up. You might influence the judge, turn a 10-month sentence into a 20-month one. Are you going to visit me in jail?

I have to thank (Lianhe) Wanbao for putting me in their headlines and on their front page. You’ve made me evergreen. I've left (showbiz) for so long and I’m still famous.

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