Huggies Moms Kryz, Patty, Isabel on diapering

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DIAPERING is an art, but it can get complicated and messy at times. Regardless of your baby’s life stage and whether one is a first-time mom or a seasoned parent, mastering the art of diapering is an essential skill. It’s definitely not an easy task, so here are some tips from Kimberly-Clark’s Huggies brand, to help one change diapers like a pro.

Keep essentials near when changing diapers

Basic essentials include diapers, baby wipes, baby lotion (cream or oil), cotton, petroleum jelly, diaper rash cream and diaper rash liquid powder. Mom of two Patty Laurel-Filart can’t stress this enough mainly because diapering has been one of the most unpredictable yet humbling experiences for her. “Just when you think you’ve finally found your groove, your babies will shake things up,” said Laurel-Filart. “Diapering has been one of the most humbling lessons for me. You’ve got to be prepared for anything. Thankfully, I’ve hit the lottery with Huggies.”

Follow the 1-2-3 of diapering

Step 1: Gently lay your baby down on a flat, firm surface. If you’re using taped diapers, unfasten the soiled diaper and hold your baby’s legs up by carefully grasping both ankles with one hand. If you’re using pants, easily pull down the soiled diaper.

Step 2: Apply jelly, cream, or powder. If you’re using powder, shake it into your hand and pat on your baby. This way, your baby won’t breathe in a cloud of powder.

Step 3: Slide a clean diaper under your baby and pull the diaper up between their legs. Ensure that it’s straight so that you can wrap it evenly around your baby’s hips. Open the tabs and press down gently but firmly to place without making it too tight for your baby. If your baby’s using pants, seamlessly pull up the new diaper up to their waist.

“I admit, at first, I let my husband do the diaper changing because I was scared to touch my little boy’s man parts,” said first-time mom Kryz Uy-Young. “But I am learning now. Thankfully we’ve started to change Scottie’s diaper less and less, especially at night. I love Huggies because he doesn’t complain until his diaper gets super full. It really takes time for the diaper to feel heavy!”

Understand code brown

Babies poop several times a day or more throughout their first year, and their bowels are usually loose. This is all perfectly normal. That’s why it’s important to choose diapers that have a secure fit to prevent leaks. The colors may vary too, depending on whether they’re breast-fed or bottle-fed. But if your baby has trouble pushing the stool out or goes longer than three days without a bowel movement, call your doctor right away.

Diaper rashes happen

Even with the most expert and careful diapering, diaper rashes are inevitable. This isn’t caused by diapers. It’s caused by the build-up of bacteria that reacts to the urine and irritates your baby’s skin. The best solution is to keep your baby dry. So, check their diapers often and change them as soon as they show the slightest trace of wetness.

Research, experiment, gather recommendations

Overall, it’s natural to be clueless about diapering, especially on your first go, so ask and listen to your doctor or nurses for their initial recommendations. Consider the many sizes and features of every diaper pack and pick a few to see if it works for your baby. It’s also important to get suggestions from your fellow moms, particularly if they relate to what you’re experiencing.

“I’m the kind of mom who researches to see what’s best for my kids,” says Isabel Oli-Prats, mom of three. “I used to assume that if a brand says ‘they’re No. 1’ then they must be effective, but that isn’t always the case. What’s more important is if it’s comfortable for your kids. For my Forest, I found that Huggies is very hiyang for her. It helps her have longer, deeper sleeps and she’s not as cranky as before.”

Huggies also offers free access to parenting tips through the Huggies Club—an online community where moms can find helpful information and connect with fellow moms to help guide them as they embrace the challenges and joys of parenthood. / PR