Human bone found in Primark socks ‘not linked to crime’

Primark has said it considers the matter closed after the police confirmed the bone was not linked to a crime (Picture: Getty)

A human bone fragment discovered in a pair of Primark socks has not been linked to a crime, police have said.

An investigation was launched after the bone piece was found at a store in Colchester, in December 2018.

But Essex Police has now confirmed the fragment, which was thought to be part of the phalanx, was not linked to criminal activity despite officers not being able to determine its origin.

A force spokesperson said: “It is a possibility it was placed in the sock in its country of origin, but this cannot be confirmed.

“At this time it is not linked to a criminal act.

“We have investigated this as far as we believe is reasonably and proportionately possible and the investigation has been filed.

“If further information comes to light it will be reviewed.”


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Primark said it had found no evidence of any untoward behaviour in the factory where the socks were made.

A spokesperson for the retailer added: “In January 2019 we carried out an investigation at the factory where these socks were made and found no evidence to suggest any incident had occurred there.

“It is highly probable that the object was placed in the socks by an individual for unknown reasons. 

The spokesperson said Primark had been the subject of isolated incidents in the past which have subsequently been found to have been hoaxes.

They added following their own and the police investigation, they considered the matter closed.

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