Hungry Squirrel Noisily Nibbles Nuts From Woman's Lap

A squirrel feeding from the lap of a Maine woman made some funny noises as it nibbled on its breakfast.

Susannah Warner captured this video while at Moxie Pond, and she says she’s become familiar with both this squirrel and another that lives in the area.

The duo, Warner said, " argue so much" that she’s dubbed them “the Bickersons”.

The footage, which Warner said she captured on July 1, shows one of the squirrels eating some nuts left on Warner’s lap, and beginning to make a chirping sound.

A further chirping sound is heard as another squirrel is seen dashing in front of Warner’s legs, soon after which the one on her lap makes a swift exit.

Warner believes the sound emanating from the squirrels is the pair arguing.

“They especially argue over breakfast, so I thought if I let one eat in my lap, maybe they wouldn’t bicker. I was wrong,” she said. Credit: Susannah Warner via Storyful

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