Hurricane Maria Causes Damage in Puerto Rico Town

Hurricane Maria left Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, ravaged on Friday, September 22.

Crews and residents began repairs shortly after the storm swept over the island, and it is estimated that Puerto Rico may face nearly half a year without power.

This footage shows the damage at Crash Boat Beach in Aguadilla.

The filmer of this footage, James Connor, offered the following story regarding his experience enduring the hurricane: "The experience was surreal. two rounds of 6-10 hours of non stop wind and rain of unreal strength. The house where we stayed took in tons side way water at ultra high speed pretty much all the time. We had no communication long before the storm hit us so we did not realize the direction of the storm had changed, so instead of continuing north west after hitting the north coast it actually moved west and in fact crossed over Aguadilla. We all thought the storm was over at around 1pm aproximately, and for about 2 hours we were all outside reviewing damage and conducting what we thought was post-storm clean up of debris, fallen trees; I even strated some rebuilding at my moms house.

“Little did we know the storm had about 10 more hours of pain for us to endure having saved the heaviest pounding for that second act. Flooding was heavy in many areas. The destruction of public and private property particularly electric infrastructure is massive. Today we drove by miles and miles of fallen electric poles along the roads. It will be a long, painful recovery for Puerto Rico, all will suffer but for many it will be extremely sad, precarious and life threatening living conditions for many months perhaps years. Puerto Rico has been economically weak for more than a decade, these recent storm hits would have been devastating under an average pre-storm scenario – its unimaginable having to rebuild from such a frail base – it will be sad to witness it first hand. But don’t ever bet against Puerto Rico – we will rebuild it stronger, more beautiful and happier than ever before – we have and will endure! For those who ever visited Crash Boat Beach, i hope you have good old pictures and memories of it – this morning it is unrecognizable. (sic)” Credit: James Connor via Storyful