Ibo residents who lost homes to ‘Vicky’ to be relocated

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THE Lapu-Lapu City Government has barred residents of Sitio Apro, Barangay Ibo from rebuilding their homes that were destroyed by waves during tropical depression Vicky on Saturday, Dec. 19, 2020.

Mayor Junard Chan said the area is not safe for habitation, especially since it is susceptible to storm surges like the one that left 148 families homeless over the weekend.

Chan said he plans to temporarily relocate the affected families to Sitio Toril in Barangay Canjulao.

The mayor has committed to provide them with housing materials.

He said he wants to prioritize the 148 families for the City’s socialized housing project that will be launched next year.

He said the socialized housing project, should it push through, can accommodate 23,000 informal settlers.

Chan said he has asked the City Council to conduct a special session on Wednesday, Dec. 23, so the City can release funds to help survivors of tropical depression Vicky.

Nagiel Bañacia of the City’s Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office said P2.1 million worth of infrastructure was destroyed during the storm.

Banacia said affected residents shouldn’t have any problem with their home since it is close to Sitio Apro.

“Let me point out that what happened last Saturday was just a tropical depression. What more if it was a real typhoon. Let’s just be thankful that there were no casualties,” he said in Cebuano. (GCM / JKV)