IBP Cebu City hosts ‘Law & Justice’ virtual run

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THE Integrated Bar of the Philippines Cebu City Chapter is using the power of the internet and social media to spread its advocacy through a virtual run.

The first “Law and Justice Run” not only seeks to bring a global community—bound under a common goal for peace, justice, law and order—together but also aims to provide opportunities for an individual to pursue a healthier lifestyle.

Studies show that even the most basic forms of exercise, such as running or walking, are effective in managing stress, alleviating anxiety, and improving overall health.

“With all the uncertainties the global health crisis has brought, we look for ways to promote health and wellness in every area: Mind, body and spirit. Thus, we came up with the idea to mount a virtual run,” said IBP Cebu City chapter president Michelle Palmares.

IBP Cebu City hopes that the first “Law and Justice Run” would help people jumpstart or rekindle their love for health and wellness.

According to Regal Oliva, IBP-Cebu City chapter’s immediate past president, the runner’s registration and support will go a long way.

“Part of the proceeds will fund the free legal aid programs of the IBP Cebu City Chapter.” With the innovations sought to be introduced in the Bar Examinations, IBP Cebu City Chapter’s Big Brother program will provide support to the 2021 Bar Candidates. (PR)