IBP Cebu City says investigation in the killing of Rex Fernandez at stall

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THE Integrated Board of the Philippines (IBP) Cebu City Chapter said the investigation in the killing of human rights lawyer Rex Fernandez is at a stall as of the moment.

It can be recalled that Fernandez was killed by still unidentified suspect in Banawa, Barangay Guadaluoe, Cebu City on August 26, 2021. His driver was wounded while a woman seated in the back of the car was unharmed.

Lawyer Regal Oliva, the president of IBP Cebu City, said they have already requested the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) to hasten the investigation on Fernandez’s death immediately after the killing.

Oliva said the investigation may be at a stall right now but they also understand that there are parts of the investigation that needs to slow down particularly with the lead of the investigation which could take a long time.

Also, Oliva said they still cannot pinpoint a direct source or mastermind and there was no witness also as regards the shooting and no red herring that the investigation can follow unlike in the previous ambush and attempt of Lawyer Luis Wee and Lawyer James Joseph Cupana.

“We cannot even mistake other people to be the gunman with that graphic sketch that the police released but we are really at the stall or halt right now as regards the investigation of Atty. Rex. I hope that this can be solved immediately,” said Oliva.

With this, the National Board of IBP president Burt Estrada contacted and coordinated with the local chapter.

Oliva said this is to hasten the investigation and put more pressure on the investigation.

With regards to the Supreme Court, Oliva said they have yet to coordinate with IBP Cebu Chapter.

However, Oliva said the Supreme Court may be conducting their investigation with the NBI for the speedy investigation of the case and a resolution of the case.

On the other hand, Oliva said they have yet to hear from the family of Fernandez despite that, the IBP Cebu City chapter is willing to assist them in whatever they can assist them.

Also, Oliva emphasized that they are also willing to assist any party of the matter as they are not exclusive to the prosecution or the defense.

“We wanted to be neutral but then again we also want justice because that is our brethren who was fallen on a wrongful note to be ambushed or killed in a broad daylight which is very condemnable,” said Oliva. (KFD)

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