Illegal parking continues to hinder road clearing ops

THE Mandaue City Legal Enforcement Unit (MCLEU) cleared 775 illegally parked vehicles and 79 sidewalk vendors during their barangay road clearing operations from Feb. 12 to March 12, 2020.

Edwin Anthony Jumao-as, MCLEU chief, said their biggest problem continues to be illegally parked vehicles.

“Car owners continue to use the sides of roads for parking,” Jumao-as said in Cebuano.

In their inventory, Jumao-as said there are still 72 sidewalk vendors in the city’s 27 barangays that need to be cleared.

Some have movable items, but others are store encroachments that need more time to clear, he said.

“According to our data and based on the requirements of the barangay, we are still 65 percent clear from obstructions,” said Jumao-as.

Ernesto Bongo, MCLEU chief of operations, said some barangays continue to have difficulty implementing clearing operations.

“We had consultative meetings with barangays that asked for our assistance,” Bongo said.

Although the MCLEU is focused on clearing barangay roads, Jumao-as assured that they continue to monitor national and city roads with the help of the barangay road clearing task force.

Jumao-as also clarified that the Mandaue City Council has a general permit for barangays celebrating fiestas or holding wakes.

He said they can use one lane of the road or the sidewalk for nine days for these purposes. / KFD