Ilocos Sur governor pushes to ban Long Mejia, other comedians for skirting COVID-19 checkpoint

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Ilocos Sur Governor Ryan Singson is seeking to ban comedians Long Mejia, Dagul, and Gene Padilla from his province after they allegedly refused to undergo health quarantine protocols.

The governor yesterday claimed that the actors made an “unsanctioned visit” and engaged in “social activities” in the town of Santo Domingo, but did not specify when the trio went to the area. He added that the three, who brought other companions, visited the place “with no legitimate purpose” and without proper coordination with the government.

“We Ilocanos are by nature hospitable. We value each and every individual who visits our Heritage Province. However, we do not tolerate arrogance and willful disregard on lawful orders of duly constituted authorities of the [p]rovince,” Singson said in a statement.

“Their refusal to undergo quarantine checkpoint protocols, [and] evading checkpoint personnels (sic) is another manifestation of violation of our laws, an exhibition of arrogance and impoliteness that should not be tolerated,” he added.

Singson added that has urged the province’s officials to pass a resolution that would bar the comedians from ever entering Ilocos Sur.

“Their gesture is truly a disappointment undermining the police power of the LGU [local government unit] in the implementation of quarantine protocols during the pandemic,” he said.

The governor said that the actors should have complied with the law given their popularity. He reminded his constituents that beating the pandemic requires their cooperation.

“It is not solely the responsibility of the National and Local Governments but also of the people, both residents and non-residents. The little inconveniences that result from following strict rules and guidelines is a small sacrifice that we have to bear if we want to succeed in this fight against COVID-19,” he said.

Mejia, Padilla, and Dagul, who appear often on Philippine television, have yet to release a statement addressing the alleged violation.

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