Ilonggos’ Enjoyment Of Life Rates High In NSCB’s HDI Ranking

ILOILO CITY, Iloilo (PIA6) - People in Iloilo are enjoying a better quality of life compared to those in other Western Visayas provinces, according to the National Statistical Coordination Board (NSCB).

The 2009 Human Development Index (HDI) results released recently by the NSCB, showed that Iloilo ranked 1st among six provinces comprising Western Visayas and 17th among 80 provinces in the country, with an HDI of 0.643.

The NSCB-6 said all Western Visayas provinces, except Aklan, were categorized under the medium HDI range.

Said HDI is a composite index that measures achievements in three basic dimensions of human development, namely, a long and healthy life; knowledge acquisition; and access to resources needed for a decent standard of living.

The NSCB said a province can be classified under high HDI if the index is 0.800 and above, medium if the index is within a 0.500-0799 range, and low if its index is below 0.500.

As per HDI component, Iloilo and Negros Occidental provinces were classified under the high-HDI group for Life Expectancy having indices of 0.829 and 0.814 respectively, while the rest of the provinces all fell within the medium-HDI group.

Life expectancy at birth in Iloilo was at 72.4 years, the highest among the region's six provinces.

Iloilo also led in the Education Index, posting the highest composite index of 0.906, followed by Aklan and Guimaras with indices of 0.887 and 0.809 respectively.

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