Impeachment Trial Fair, Survey Says

Most Filipinos expressed satisfaction with the impeachment process of Chief Justice Renato Corona, as majority of the survey respondents believe that the impeachment trial has been fair to both defense and prosecution panels, a nationwide survey conducted by Social Weather Stations (SWS) showed yesterday.

The survey conducted among 1,200 respondents last March 10 to 13 found that 51 percent are satisfied, and 20 percent are dissatisfied, with the on-going trial in the Senate, for a net satisfaction rate of "good" +31.

The respondents were asked, "Sa pangkalahatan, gaano po kayo nasisiyahan o hindi nasisiyahan sa nagaganap na paglilitis kay Chief Justice Renato Corona? (In general, how satisfied or dissatisfied are you with the ongoing trial of Chief Justice Renato Corona in the Senate?) Lubos na nasisiyahan (very satisfied), medyo nasisiyahan (somewhat satisfied), hindi tiyak kung nasisiyahan o hindi nasisiyahan (undecided if satisfied or dissatisfied), medyo hindi nasisiyahan (somewhat dissatisfied), o lubos na hindi nasisiyahan (very dissatisfied)?"

Satisfaction is moderate in the rest of Luzon (+29), Visayas (+24), and non-high-school graduates (+23).

SWS classified net scores of +70 and above as "excellent," +50 to +69 "very good," +30 to +49 "good," +10 to +29 "moderate," +9 to -9 "neutral," -10 to -29 "poor," -30 to -49 "bad," -50 to -69 "very bad," and -70 and below "execrable (poor condition)."

The survey results also showed that 69 percent of Filipinos believe that the trial has given correct consideration to both defense and prosecution.

Only 17 percent called it favoring the defense, and 12 percent called it favoring the prosecution.

The respondents were particularly asked, "Ano po ang tingin ninyo sa isinasagawang impeachment trial? Ito po ba ay ... (What do you think about the ongoing impeachment trial? Is it...) Masyadong mapagbigay sa mga taga-usig o prosecutors (Too liberal with prosecutors), Tama lang ang konsiderasyon sa magkabilang panig (Has the right consideration for both sides), o Masyadong mapagbigay sa mga abogado ni Chief Justice Corona? (Too liberal with the lawyers of Chief Justice Corona)."

SWS also found that 54 percent of Filipinos are satisfied and 15 percent are dissatisfied, that the prosecution is being conducted in a just manner, for a net rating of "good" +39.

Satisfaction on the prosecution process is relatively high for the National Capital Region ("good" +45), Mindanao ("good" +44), upper to middle class ABC ("good" +45) and college graduates ("good" +44). Meanwhile, it is moderate only in the Visayas (+29).

With regard to the performance of the defense, 49 percent said they are satisfied, and 18 percent are dissatisfied, that the defense is being conducted in a just manner, for a net rating of +31.