Impounded vehicles must be registered before release

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OWNERS of impounded unregistered vehicles must register their vehicles before the Traffic Enforcement Agency of Mandaue (Team) can release them.

Since February 2021, the Team has been strictly implementing the traffic rules and regulations in its jurisdiction by conducting random checkpoint operations.

Edwin Jumao-as, executive director of the Team, instructed all the divisions in his department that starting March 15, 2021, the owners of the impounded vehicles must have renewed registration before they will be released.

He said if they will release these unregistered vehicles impounded in their custody without presenting the renewed registration, it is likely that these owners will still travel without registering their vehicles.

This is one of the concerns of Jumao-as since five percent of the violators apprehended in Mandaue City have not registered their vehicles and do not have a license.

Thus, this month, the Team together with the Land Transportation Office (LTO), Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) and Highway Patrol Group, conducted a one-time-big-time operation in the city.

Out of 80 violators apprehended, 15 did not have a license and vehicle registration. These 15 vehicles were impounded.

Jumao-as said they had also impounded a newly polished car during one of their operations after finding out the car had not been registered since 2017.

Aside from presenting the documents as proof that the vehicle has been registered, Jumao-as said these violators still have to pay the penalty of P1,000 per violation and other fees such as towing and impounding fees.

Jumao-as said they will continue to strictly implement this to remind drivers to secure the necessary documents before driving a vehicle. (KFD)