Inabanga police: Suspect used threats to force minors to send him their nude pics

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IT WASN’T the first time that 27-year-old Vincent Rainer Payos had threatened to upload nude photos of minors if they didn’t meet up with him.

Apparently, he would scare them into sending their nude photos by telling them that he would use sorcery against them or that he would kill their parents.

Once he received their photos, he would force them to meet him in person or else he would share their photos on the internet or use their photos as his profile picture on his social media account.

Payos would have gotten away with this modus if the parents of his latest victim hadn’t reported the matter to authorities.

Payos, a native of Inabanga, Bohol, was arrested in an entrapment conducted by operatives of the Inabanga Police Station and the Provincial Anti-Cybercrime Unit (Pacu) on Saturday night, Sept. 10, 2022.

Maj. Cresente Gurrea, chief of the Inabanga Police Station, said Payos liked to target girls between 10 and 16 years old.

He said Payos’ latest victim, Maria (not her real name), a 13-year-old girl from the town, had been acting strangely, refusing to leave their house as if she was afraid of someone, which made her family think something was wrong.

An older sibling got so worried and decided to check Maria’s cellphone. It was then Payos’ threats were discovered.

While the Inabanga police and Pacu operatives were planning the entrapment, Payos sent another text message to Maria. This time, the older sibling replied that Maria would meet him.

Payos said he would fetch her outside their house on Saturday night, not knowing police would be waiting for him.

When Payos was brought to the Inabanga Police Station, Pacu operatives discovered many photos of nude minors in his cellphone.

They believe Payos is not working alone and that he and his group are victimizing minors in other parts of Bohol. (PJB)