Inclusivity in the spotlight: Bezza Wear Fashion Show 2022

·2 min read

Fashion can be seen as an act of rebellion. Other than a reflection of the times, fashion has been a platform where some of the most radical and experimental ideas come forth.

Many of today’s fashion brands are making bold moves in changing the status quo and making fashion more accessible for everyone regardless of age, shape and size.

On Sept. 10, Bezza Wear had its fashion show called the “Bezza Wear Evolution 2022” held at the Temple of Leah, one of Cebu’s well-known destination spots.

The collection centers around the theme of inclusivity as models of different sizes and ages strutted down the runway with utmost confidence, wearing some of Bezza Wear’s beautiful ensembles.

The designer behind the collection is Claudia Bezza Yeung.

Bezza Wear presented morning to evening wear ensembles, fit for every woman’s fashion needs ranging from chic resort style outfits or everyday urban casual designs to evening formal wear.

Each outfit is a statement meant to make one feel comfortable and beautiful, and its versatility allows room for more creativity for the wearer as it can be styled in more ways than one.

The collection showed versatility showcasing brightly colored fabrics, animal and floral prints, and carefully handcrafted and stitched sequins that could elevate one’s look.

All of the Bezza Wear Evolution 2022 pieces are expertly stitched and handsewn by some of the best local seamstresses and tailors. This is to ensure perfect fit and comfort that is made to fit all shapes and sizes.

Quite a bold and evolutionary move, Bezza Wear has made it clear that inclusivity is something that fashion should embrace more and more as time goes on. The collection is a reminder that everyone deserves to feel beautiful whether you are casually going about your day or dressing up for a special occasion.