Ingles appointed again as CA Cebu executive judge

CEBUANO judge Gabriel Ingles has been appointed again as executive justice of the Court of Appeals (CA) Cebu Station.

In an administrative order issued on Dec. 26, 2019, Supreme Court (SC) Chief Justice Diosdado Peralta chose Ingles to succeed Justice Edgardo delos Santos who has been appointed as SC associate justice.

Delos Santos earlier succeeded him as CA executive judge after his four-year term ended on Oct. 10, 2018.

In an interview with SunStar Cebu on Friday, Jan. 3, Ingles said he didn’t expect to be appointed again as he preferred somebody else since he already served that position two years ago.

He preferred that fellow Associate Justice Pamela Ann Abella Maxino would be appointed to the position.

Maxino and fellow CA justice Marilyn Lagura-Yap were also recommended to the post.

He shared that the first thing that he will do is to review the mission statement of CA Cebu since he wanted to change it.

“We do have already one which we formulated during my term. I will meet with the responsible officers of the Cebu station to find out if it needs updating,” he said.

He added that he is still willing to accept the challenge again and to find out how to better improve the services of the CA- Cebu Station to the public.

In 2011, Ingles was also nominated to become a commissioner of the Commission on Elections, endorsed by then Cebu Archbishop Ricardo J. Cardinal Vidal, who vouched for his integrity.

In 2014, Ingles took over as CA Cebu executive justice after then Associate Justice Pampio Abarintos retired. / (JCT, MVI, SunStar Philippines)