Inspectors to look for rats in Larsian

THE Cebu City sanitary inspectors will soon have a field day at the famous Larsian as they were told by Mayor Edgardo Labella to visit the food complex near the Fuente Osmeña Circle.

However, they will not seek out its delectable barbecue but the reported presence of a renowned, yet detested pest in this part of the world—rats.

Labella told Dr. Daisy Villa, head of the City Health Department (CHD), to send her sanitary inspectors to Larsian and verify the reports on the presence of rats.

After the CHD inspection, Villa will submit her report and recommendation to Labella.

The stall owners who engage in unsanitary practices will be punished, and they risk losing their business permits.

“Sanitation is very important and that is our utmost concern,” Labella said.

“Holy rats”

In some parts of the world, rats are not seen as filthy. They are revered in India and a nutritious delicacy in Vietnam.

The rat in the Chinese astrology is the first sign from the 12-animal cycle. The year 2020 belongs to the metal rat, which has traits of being quick-witted, resourceful, versatile and kind, according to

The Karni Mata Temple in Rajasthan, India houses some 25,000 “holy” black rats that are sheltered and worshiped, according to an April 2019 National Geographic Magazine article.

In the same article, Emma Marris writes that New Zealand “plans to kill all the rats in the country—with traps and poison baits spread over some 100,000 square miles—to try to save its rare native birds, including the iconic flightless kiwi.”

The National Geographic article further reported that “researchers estimate that a litter of nine pups (infant rats) 10 weeks into the year would grow to 270 pups by the 30th week and wrap up with a whopping 11,907 rats by year’s end. Rats usually reach sexual maturity by 12 weeks, and litters can vary from two to 14 pups. Reproductive rates are highly dependent on environment.”

“The more shelter, food, and trash, the higher the rat count,” it said.

In Cebu City, specifically in Larsian, rats are not a delicacy and seeing them rummaging spilled food is ugly for the city mayor.

Labella said he had read reports about the rats’ presence, and the City should take action against the pest as they pose a threat to the health of locals and tourists who eat barbecue and other food in Larsian. (PAC & KAL)