Inspiring People

We join the nation in extending our wholehearted congratulations to the Manila Bulletin as it celebrates its 113th anniversary. We also commend the members of the Board and the entire news and editorial team for this most significant publishing achievement.

The Manila Bulletin deserves our people's acclaim for its admirable service to the Filipino nation and the world at large because of its responsible, balanced, and comprehensive news, lifestyle, cultural, and people-to-people coverage.

We likewise laud the initiatives the Manila Bulletin has taken by gathering facts and opinions on contemporary events, and for providing a ready platform for sharing perspectives, expertise, and understanding. We know that all these will help bring about a change for the better, and enable us to achieve our common aspiration of a better future for all.

We trust that the Manila Bulletin will continue to inspire people to be more CARING, SHARING, and DARING for our beloved Philippines.