An interiors influencer on the most important item in your whole house

Natasha Harding
Photo credit: @lydiaemillen - Instagram

From Cosmopolitan

Decorating your house is just like creating the perfect wardrobe. The key is to find the perfect mix of higher and lower price point pieces which, when put together, give an expensive overall look and feel.

But what should you splurge on when decorating (and, ideally, where can you save a few pounds)? Are the finishing touches where you should be forking out most of your hard-earnt dosh, or is it precisely here you should be cutting costs? Ah, so many questions.

Here to resolve these burning decor dilemmas is interiors and Instagram guru, Lydia Elise Millen. With almost a million followers to her name, it's safe to say Lydia knows a thing or two about savvy interior design. So, without further ado, here we gooooo....

What is the one furniture item people should splurge on?

"Splurge on the sofa - it's the centrepiece to every home," explains Lydia. "Plump, full cushions and sumptuous fabrics all go into a really well-made sofa. Don't underestimate it, a good sofa will bring your home to life and can take any room from ordinary to extraordinary."

Can you 'get the look' if you have a smaller budget?

Yes! Lydia's top tip? Shop around."Use the internet to discover fabulous furniture-makers, up and coming designers or even for a flash of inspiration. As for the high street, a lot of brands like H&M Home have gorgeous pieces for really reasonable prices, from big furniture items through to small pieces like decorative trays, coffee table books, plants, scents, candles, mirrors and artwork - all of which can be styled to give your room that luxurious feel at half the budget."

What do you think people tend to overspend on?

"For me, it's always the finishing touches to a room. Those decorative details, add-ons and last minute buys tend to be an area I overspend on because I want to finish a project."

Are there easy ways to save even more money when decorating?

"You can save money in a whole variety of ways, including drawing inspiration from expensive designers before going off to DIY or create your own more affordable version. You can also mix-and-match high and low. For example, you can buy plants from your local market and complement it with a trendy plant from a high street retailer's home section. Alternatively, head to a local second-hand shop to source pieces like incredible, statement coffee table books - you'll find a great selection at a variety of prices."

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