International Sushi Day: Check out these 5 sushi restaurants in Cebu City

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Over the past three decades, the world has seen a rise in Japanese restaurants, and Cebu is no different. In celebration of International Sushi Day, here’s a list of five restaurants that are sure to soothe your sushi cravings.


“Mizu” is a Japanese word for “water,” making it a fitting name for a restaurant located at Waterfront Cebu Hotel and Casino. Its head chef, Nobuyuki Imamura, strives to keep authentic Japanese cuisine at the forefront of Cebu’s culinary environment—and that includes sushi! Satisfy your sushi cravings with authentic cuisine at Mizu.

Nonki Japanese Restaurant

This homegrown authentic Japanese restaurant chain offers a strong lineup of Japanese food and is sure to satiate any wild cravings for sushi with its aburi salmon, chirashi sushi, and crunchy rolls! There are six Nonki restaurants in Cebu City, located in Jpark Island Resort and Waterpark, Cebu, JCenter Mall, One Pavilion Mall in Banawa, SM City Cebu, Mactan Tropical Center, and its main branch along A.S. Fortuna St. Another Nonki branch is set to open at Nustar Resort and Casino at South Road Properties.

Sushi Boy

Sushi Boy classifies itself as a casual Japanese restaurant that is known for its amazing food quality and affordability. This restaurant has two branches: one in IT Park and another one along Ouano Avenue, next to Café Racer.

Tokyo Tokyo

Mostly known for its bento meals, Tokyo Tokyo is another Japanese restaurant that also offers great sushi rolls with its bento boxes. Its California maki is delicious with a base of seaweed, kani and mangoes, which makes it a perfect choice for the finicky sushi eaters out there. Visit the Tokyo Tokyo branches in SM Seaside City Cebu and SM City Cebu.

Mismukuno Teppanyaki

Don’t you “miss” a Filipino twist on a Japanese classic? Located on the fourth floor of Ayala Center Cebu, Mismukuno Teppanyaki is a Japanese restaurant that offers a wide variety of sushi rolls from volcano maki to its special “mismukuno” maki. Well-loved for its “Maki Happy Hour” with buy-one-take-one deals on makis, this sushi restaurant is one you shouldn’t “miss” out on.

Celebrate International Sushi Day and give these restaurants a visit. Itadakimasu! S

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