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Going viral: Amazon has all the internet famous deals in one place — from just $6

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Comfy Crocs, Airpods, flowy pants, a smartphone tripod: The 'net can't stop raving about these 10 picks. (Photo: Amazon)
Comfy Crocs, Airpods, flowy pants, a smartphone tripod: The 'net can't stop raving about these 10 picks. (Photo: Amazon)

While TikTok is home to plenty of bite-size dance routines, compelling clips of cats and even heartwarming moments of integrity, we love it most for the product recommendations. TikTokers have truly tried everything — from booty-lifting leggings to questionable cleaning hacks — so when something goes viral on the all-powerful app, we pay attention. Well, big news! Amazon is stocked with these hot products, and a few of them are even on sale. The retail giant has done us a huge favor by corralling them all into its Internet Famous page. Here, we've put together a list of fun goodies that have recently gone viral on TikTok and other social media platforms.

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High Waist Yoga Pants

$21 at Amazon

These tummy-taming leggings are textured and have ruching to make these some of the most forgiving yoga pants out there.

Seasum's famous butt-lift leggings are major players on TikTok. These high-waisted compression tights are designed to instantly provide a "bubble butt," with strategically placed seams and lifting materials. The textured leggings promise a smooth line and natural elevation.

Dubbed "the TikTok Leggings," thanks to millions of views, Seasum leggings are super stretchy, moisture-wicking and quick-drying.

"These leggings fit amazing and ... [are] comfortable too!" said one of many happy fans. "I was hesitant...but I’m so glad I ended up getting them. They aren't see-through whatsoever. ... The fabric is soft, and so far I haven’t had any types of tears in them! I recommend getting them."


Apple AirPods Pro

$180$249Save $69
$180 at Amazon

Active Noise Cancellation allows you to fully immerse yourself in music, podcasts or whatever makes you happy. Get up to 24 hours of listening with one charge. Plus, this model is waterproof and sweat-resistant.

If you haven't tried Apple Airpods Pro yet, your ears deserve an upgrade. Unlike previous versions of the iconic buds, the AirPods Pro feature active noise cancelling to block out nearly all ambient and background chatter. The size of these buds are also customizable so you're guaranteed a comfortable fit to make it an overall excellent listening experience.

"These are by far the best of anything I've used so far because the size and also the feature set," raved one of over 100,000 five-star fans. "What boggles my mind and blows my mind is the spatial feature. I started looking around after starting to listen to an audiobook with that feature on. It's like the narrator is behind and all around. Spooky.... This is a quantum leap over other products."


Classic Tie Dye Clogs

$28$55Save $27
$28 at Amazon

If you're a creature of comfort, this is the shoe for you. Beloved by chefs, medical workers and kids alike, Crocs are lightweight, easy to clean, quick-drying and water-friendly, too.

Crocs are, quite simply, the epitome of pampering footwear. First of all, these unisex shoes are lightweight and breathable; in fact, they’re even perforated for air circulation. But it’s their soft, rubber construction and arch-supporting, shock-absorbing sole that make them truly superior.

“BABYYYYY My feet are in heaven,” exclaimed a five-star fan. “I have issues with my arches and typically wear arch supports in my shoes so that I can both walk better and so my feet don't hurt. “The support I felt, the cushion I felt, the [prickly] things in the shoe that massage my feet... it all was surreal."


Cozoo Headphone Stand with USB Charger

$22$33Save $11
$22 at Amazon

This headphone stand and USB power source allows you to tuck away all your personal electronics while they charge.

It's easy to see why this headphone stand and USB power source is popular — we all have tons of personal electronics to charge and keeping all the cords tidy is challenging. This little gadget corrals all the cables with a handy hook to hang your headphones.

"I love this thing, wrote a rave reviewer who calls this a 'surprise favorite'. "I didn't use any screws to secure it under my desk, only the adhesive tape, and I doubt I could rip it off if I wanted to. The headphone mount on the side of my desk is nice, but the three powered USB ports in the front have been more useful than I expected; I actually bought a short six inch USB C cable because it's so nice to have my phone charging at the corner of my desk connected to this. Three powered USB ports within arm's reach is so, so much better than having to reach to your computer or to a hub on your desk."

Mattel Games

UNO Family Card Game

$10 $11 at Amazon

This classic game can be hours of fun for two or more players aged seven and up.

Fall is here and soon we'll be retreating indoors for entertainment. If you want the family to look up from their phones for more than a few minutes, this game is hours of fun for all ages. It also happens to have 44,000 five-star reviews.

"I bought this for my house for when my grandkids came over," shared a generous grandparent. "We play it all the time, I mean all of the time. I’ll be buying another one for them to take home."


Tronjori High Waist Wide Leg Trousers

$37$40Save $3
$37 at Amazon

These wide leg pants have just the right drape for fall. Choose from 31 colors and prints.

Wide leg, high waisted jeans have replaced skinny and the style has spilled over into slacks, as evidenced by these trousers with more than 6,000 five-star reviews.

"Must have in my fall wardrobe," wrote a rave reviewer. "I have two pairs of these trousers and I seriously recommend them! They're super flattering and very fun to wear and they work with everything!" Another five-star fan wrote: "These are so cute. I get compliments every time I wear them and it makes me look like a sexy girl boss.✨✨✨"


Echo Show 5

$40 $85 at Amazon

This handy gizmo has a 5.5-inch screen, a powerful 1.7-inch speaker and a 2MP camera for video calls. If you're not comfortable with having a camera in your home, flip a switch to cover it.

If you're itching to experience why more than 82,000 shoppers can't live without an Amazon Echo Show, maybe it's time to upgrade your smart speaker. People love the convenience of voice commands and the addition of visuals for recipes and weather forecasts.

"I love my Echo Show 5," wrote one five-star fan. "It really helps with my grocery list! Just say 'Alexa add milk to my grocery list.' That's it; no forgetting to buy. It is like having a secretary in your kitchen."


Universal Gel Cleaner

$6$10Save $4
$6 at Amazon

Designed to pick up dirt and debris from hard-to-clean places, this cleaning putty is made with natural gel. Simply rub with your hands, and press it into keyboard grooves, dashboard gaps and other cracks to pick up dirt.

If you've been trying to figure out how to dust between the letters on your keyboard or the crevices in your car's dashboard, let us introduce you to ColorCoral Cleaning Gel. This stuff is kind of like Silly Putty — you take a hunk of it and knead it a little with your hands before rolling over dusty cracks, and when you pull it up, the cracks are magically clean. If you're a doubter, well, nearly 10,000 Amazon shoppers have given it a five-star rave.

“I couldn't believe how well it worked!” wrote this shocked shopper. “When I opened the jar it had a slime that I was sure would stick to anything I used it on. With no guts and no glory, I tried it on an old keyboard. It was remarkable! Even as gooey as it was, it didn't stick to the keys and also did a fantastic job lifting the dust off the keyboard. I was amazed and went to clean all of my keyboards with it. I'll be trying it on the car's dashboard next.”


Cell Phone Tripod Stand

$16$30Save $14
$16 at Amazon

This smartphone tripod can extend to 62 inches and comes with a wireless remote.

There was a time when only Youtubers and TikTokers used tripods with their smartphones, but in the age of video chat and Facetime, now we all kind of need them. This one gets high marks from Amazon shoppers — more than 3,000 shoppers give this gadget a perfect five-star rating.

"I wanted a tripod for our vacation for family pictures," shared a five-star fan. "This tripod is great. It’s sturdy enough to hold a camera or phone without tipping over. Easy to adjust. Remote works great as well and easy to use. Just connect to Bluetooth and ready to use. This is the second tripod I have purchased and it is a keeper. The first one was not sturdy and it is going back."


High Waist Pleated Skirt

$32$39Save $7
$32 at Amazon

This midi skirt is made with a flowy polyester blend, has pockets on each side and comes in 17 colors and prints.

With 10 color options and a wide elastic waistband (plus pockets!), this skirt is ideal for work, weekends, or a night out. And with 9,000 five-star reviews, it's a fall must-have.

"Listen, I am not the girl typically labeled as stylish, but this dress has fooled them all," wrote a five-star fan who calls this skirt 'year round wear'. "I also love that I can wear it in the summer with sandals and a short sleeve or PERFECT for fall (that color, right?) with a sweater and ankle boots."

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The reviews quoted above reflect the most recent versions at the time of publication.

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