Internet tracks down incredible photos of Patriots QB Mac Jones' child modeling career

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If you are a fairly prominent athlete — like, say, the New England Patriots' Tom Brady replacement — you are probably aware that a public mention of a child modeling career is going to lead to the internet digging it up.

Patriots rookie Mac Jones clearly knew the score when he did this, and the online sleuths didn't disappoint. The fun began when Jones made an appearance on WEEI's "Merloni and Fauria Show" on Monday and was asked about his first job and his worst job.

Jones' first job was working for his father. His worst job was the modeling, as he explained:

“Worst job, I mean I used to be a child model and actor or whatever. That was fun.

"Nothing crazy but there are a few commercials out there that you guys can try and find ... I broke the camera."

Jones also confirmed his teammates were aware of his modeling past. Minutes later, these photos were making the rounds:

The photos were not hard to find, as a quick search of "Mac Jones child model" will turn up past Alabama stories on the revelation.

Modeling aside, Jones has been enjoying a rookie year that has grown progressively more successful with each game. After a slow start, the Patriots have been on a tear with four straight wins, the most recent being a 45-7 beatdown of the Cleveland Browns that saw Jones throw three touchdown passes.

Through 10 games, Jones leads all rookie QBs with 2,333 passing yards, a 69.0 percent completion rate and 13 touchdowns.

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