iOS7 bug allows calls from locked iPhones

No thanks to a new bug in iOS 7, Apple's new operating system for mobile devices, anyone can now make calls from a locked iPhone. reported a Palestinian researcher demonstrated how to make a call from a locked iPhone by exploiting a bug in its emergency calling function.

"The trick includes international calls and calls to premium numbers, is simple enough that any phone thief could easily take advantage of it," it said.

Worse, it said there "doesn’t seem to be any immediate fix for users."

However, a separate report by Mashable said the bug was not repeatable on an iPhone 5S running iOS 7.0.1, a slightly updated version of iOS 7.

Based on the finding of Karam Daoud, 27, said anyone with physical access to a locked iPhone running iOS 7 can just tap “Emergency” on the lock screen.

An emergency calling screen appears, allowing a user to dial any number.

Quickly tapping the call button will have the phone display a blank screen with an Apple logo at the center. Daoud said one can then make the call to that number.

“Once the black screen appeared, it was pretty clear that this is a bug. You can dial a number anywhere, any time,” Daoud said, adding he already contacted Apple about the flaw.

A separate report on tech site Mashable confirmed the problem.

"The bug can be activated by hitting the 'Emergency' button on the iPhone's lock screen. Dial any number, then rapidly hit the green call button until you see the Apple logo screen — the same screen that comes up when the phone is turned on. The phone will begin to ring, and your call should connect," it said.

It added it managed to replicate the scenario on two different iPhone 5 models running iOS 7.

However, Mashable indicated that the bug was not repeatable on an iPhone 5S, which is running iOS 7.0.1 - the slightly updated version of iOS 7. – KDM, GMA News