How the iPad Mini story broke

With the iPad Mini launch almost here, it's worth looking back to February, when the first rumor was first reported and see how stories about it have developed over the last eight months.

It's official. Apple will be showing us "a little more" on October 23. What started as a rumor first reported back in February by the Wall Street Journal has now  -- almost -- come to fruition. Over the last eight months the internet has been bulging with stories from "sources close to Apple" claiming to know everything about Apple's upcoming iPad Mini from its physical dimensions to its onboard chipset and whether or not it will support 4G. Search via google for ‘ipad mini' and there are over 600 million results to choose from.

To better help understand how the story has grown over the months, GimmiTech has compiled a timeline of when each rumor broke.

On February 15, The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple has been working with its Asian components to test a new tablet computer with a smaller screen. Seven days later a market researcher based in the region claims that a smaller iPad has already entered the testing stage.

On March 11 an unnamed Samsung source says that Apple is going to release a smaller iPad before the end of 2012.

The first references to dimensions appear. On April 5 John Ruber claims to have heard details that the iPad will have a 7.85-inch screen. It's also in April that the first rumors appear claiming that 6 million of the devices will be shipped before the end of the year.

The first credence to the rumors comes from the Apple v Samsung court case where documents presented reveal that Apple has considered making a smaller iPad. On August 14, reports that the iPad will look like a big iPod Touch. Ten days later the first rumors appear claiming that the device will have a rear-facing camera and a ‘mini' dock connector.

Photos start appearing online that claim to be either mock-ups, components or actual iPad minis. First rumors about pricing also start to appear, as well as suggestions that the device will be limited in specifications in order to make it competitive with other cheaper tablets on the market.

The month begins with The Guardian claiming on October 9 that the iPad mini will be wi-fi only. On October 14, Apple Insider reports that the iPad will retail for between €250 and €650, reveals what it believes will be the final specs, and claims that it will be available in black or white. On October 16, Apple sends out invitations to an upcoming launch on October 23. While the invitation refers to "a little more," it makes no explicit claims that it does intend to reveal an iPad.

With less than a week to go before the launch the industry seems to agree that:

- The screen will measure 7.85 inches.
- It will be available in black or white.
- It will have a Lighting connector.
- It will run on an A5 processor.
- It will have 512MB of RAM
- It will have three storage capacities, starting at 8GB.
- It will be wi-fi only, wi-fi+3G or wi-fi + 4G.
- It will cost around $249 for the entry-level model.

However, everyone will have to wait until Tuesday to see if the rumors are true after all.