The iPhone 11 is stressing people with trypophobia out

Emily Gulla
Photo credit: Justin Sullivan - Getty Images

From Cosmopolitan

Apple has unveiled the new design for the upcoming iPhone 11, but its new camera feature is causing an unusual problem for some people.

The iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max are set to be on sale this week, and their new features include longer battery life and casing in purple, green, yellow and red - but it's the three-lens camera design that has got people talking.

Whilst the three lenses for Wide, Ultra Wide and Telephoto are being called "a photographer's dream come true", people with trypophobia are getting triggered because the cameras are designed in a cluster of circles.

Trypophobia is "an intense emotional reaction to clustered patterns of holes or bumps" - and people have been quick to point out that the iPhone 11 could do with a trigger warning.

Twitter has even placed a "sensitive material" warning ahead of tweets containing images of the new phone.

Some people with trypophobia even think they couldn't handle seeing the iPhone 11 every day.

Meanwhile, some people saw the funny side; predicting the direction Apple is heading in.

Others questioned Apple's design choices.

Even people without trypophobia think that the new iPhone camera design just looks, well, weird.

Apple is yet to respond to claims that the iPhone 11 triggers trypophobia, but with even die-hard Apple fans saying they won't be buying the new model, some suspect that sales could be impacted.

And if you're unbothered by the design, pre-orders for the new iPhone models are available from Friday 13th September. Definitely not a bad omen or anything.

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