iPhone 5 pre-orders sell out in 30 minutes

Apple's iPhone 5 was supposed to be available to pre-order in the US on Friday at 12:01 am Pacific time however a series of errors, server crashes and overwhelming demand led to the phone selling out within 30 minutes, leaving many customers frustrated. 

The problems first began for Apple when the Apple Store's servers became overwhelmed by waiting customers who had caused a traffic jam after getting up early in order to be first in line at the virtual store.

Following the server crash word quickly began to spread on Twitter that the iPhone's Apple Store app was still up and running and better yet, taking orders for the next gen iPhone from customers.  

However as word of this spread on Twitter and more and more iPhone users began using their existing phone's Apple Store app, the app itself began to fail and reports suggest that while orders were able to be placed, customers would be bounced out of the store several times.

Following this series of problems many customers were left frustrated after pre-orders sold out within half an hour of going on sale. The best chance of getting an iPhone 5 on September 21 looks likely to be getting down to a physical Apple store very early, if not the night before, and waiting outside.