iPhone 5 will be taller and thinner, leaked photos suggest

The next version of Apple Inc.'s iPhone may be taller and thinner than its predecessors, more leaked pictures of the assembled device suggest.

New photos circulating online indicate the new smartphone's front screen looks "cinema-like," according to a report on Forbes.com. Source: iColoros via digi.sohu.com and www.nowhereelse.fr "The front camera has moved position, centered now, above the earpiece, but the camera on the back looks significantly different than in the iPhone 4 and 4s, with a more compact lens, and an unidentified round element between the lens and the flash," Forbes.com said.

Apple is expected to unveil the latest iteration of its popular smartphone later this month.

Forbes.com said Nowhereelse.fr released the latest photos, which in turn may have originated from iColoros design studio, via digi.sohu.com in China.

Rumors surrounding the next iPhone continue to circulate amid a reported release date of September 12.

Apple is to release the iPhone at a time it is locked in a legal battle with Samsung Electronics of Korea. — TJD, GMA News