Isda promotes Filipino values

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THE Inday Sara Duterte Advocacy (Isda), a movement that promotes Filipino values, held a unity caravan that was participated in by at least 5,000 individuals on June 27, 2021.

During the caravan, the Isda movement used two private buses that carried basic goods such as rice, bihon and T-shirts that were distributed at each stop, according to founder Jerson Pardillo.

At the launching of the movement held recently, Pardillo stressed that their movement is apolitical and different from other groups that have been urging Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio to run for President in 2022.

He stressed that Isda is mainly inspired by Inday Sara’s leadership; and intends to bring goods, services and health access to remote areas and the underprivileged.

The target beneficiaries of Isda include laborers, fisherfolk and farmers, Pardillo said.

However, the Isda caravan distributed the goods to all people who were at the stops of the caravan.

The Isda founder explained that the movement is composed of private individuals, volunteers and groups who firmly believe in upholding the Filipino values of Bayanihan (working together to achieve a common goal), malasakit (compassion), and pakikipag-kapwa tao (treating others with respect and dignity as an equal no matter the person’s status in life).

He explained that he was inspired by the lady mayor, who he said also espouses the same Filipino values, so he decided to organize Isda.

Pardillo noted that fishermen, farmers and laborers are close to the heart of Davao City Mayor Sara.

The Isda Unity Caravan is the group’s way of convening all supporters of Sara Duterte, who also shares the movement’s mission. They conducted the caravan to introduce the movement to the public and entice like-minded groups and individuals to join them as part of their simple contribution to nation-building.

Pardillo, who said he owns a fishing business, recalled that he started with just one fishing boat, and now that he has the means, he would like to give back and pay it forward.

“I just started with a small fishing boat, and then later on I was able to make investments in Indonesia,” he said.

Isda is keen on continuing with its medical missions, feeding program, and unity caravan. Cebu is its second stop after its successful Tarlac event in Luzon. The group is looking at doing at least two major outreach activities each month.

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