Iskra Lawrence shares stripped-down photo with body-positive message: ‘Gained weight, still feel cute’

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Iskra Lawrence is opening up about her changing figure and how she's embracing her body's evolution.

"Gained weight, still feel cute," the model posted to her Instagram on Tuesday, alongside photos of herself in a silky sleep set. "Let’s continue to normalise that our bodies fluctuate; soften, strengthen, stretch and evolve as we grow into new versions of ourselves."

The 30-year-old is predominantly known for her work in the body-positive space, using her platform and her voice to discuss the importance of affirmations and self-love. She's even done invaluable work as a Real Role Model for Aerie — a brand that presents its spokespeople to the world without filters. 

"What a gift to have a body that allows us to experience this life," her caption continues, adding in the accessibility caption, "She is beaming with joy and confidence."

Even as a mother to a one-year-old boy with longtime boyfriend Philip Payne, Lawrence continues to share messages of body confidence, while admitting how difficult it can be at times postpartum.

"Still getting used to modelling in this new body that’s stretched, widened, and feels softer but stronger than ever," she wrote in January. "After birth I’m also reborn. A new chance to fall in love with a new me. A new house to make a home. A new me to grow into and nurture. So here we are, creating new images together. Celebrating the new me."

Naturally, Lawrence's positivity has inspired other new moms as well.

"Thank you for your transparency and all of your posts about body positivity. I am 2 months postpartum, and while I think every body is amazing and deserves appreciation, I still find myself feeling self conscious from time to time," one person commented on Lawrence's Tuesday post. "Your posts have always reminded me to love myself where I am, and I can't express enough how powerful that is. You rock!"

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