Israel-Gaza: AP and Al Jazeera offices destroyed

This is the moment an Israeli missile strike destroyed a high rise building housing the Associated Press, Al Jazeera, and other office spaces and homes in Gaza.

The owner of the building and journalists, here, are pleading on the phone with an Israeli intelligence officer, who'd warned them the attack was coming and to evacuate. Al Jazeera's correspondent Wael al-Dahdouh, reporting that they didn't have time to grab their equipment.

Israel says the building housed assets belonging to Hamas' military intelligence -- the latest of many such attacks that Israeli forces say are response to the thousands of Hamas rockets fired toward Israel in the last few days.

Meanwhile, the civilian toll of the conflict and civil unrest across Israel the Palestinian territories is mounting.

There are fears that Gaza's only power station may run out of fuel within days and foreign aid is starting to trickle in.

Morocco is sending 40 tons of food, medical supplies, and blankets to the West Bank and Gaza. Egypt is also sending ambulances into Gaza, to try and bring Palestinians back to Egyptian hospitals.

Palestinian medics say over a hundred people have been killed in Gaza, including dozens of children.

This man, a Gaza resident named Ahmad Yacoubi, says planes hit his neighbor's building, which housed a family of ten.

Mark Reidman lives across the border in the town of Ashdod, Israel. At least have nine people have died in Israel, also including children.

"There was explosion, a hard one. We had a rocket hitting our building, we live over here. We heard the sound of windows splashing, windows falling off the building. A lot of people screaming. So we went outside to see what has happened. My neighbor's house. They live on third floor while it hit the sixth floor."

"I have three kids, small ones. And I need to handle the explaining them what happened here, why this is happening."

Diplomatic efforts to stop the crisis have shown no sign of progress.