Italian credit bureau firm foresees business growth opportunities in VisMin

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AS MORE countries reopen their borders for business, small and medium-sized companies are challenged to upgrade their services and widen their network as large companies pursue expansion plans in the post-pandemic environment.

In an interview, Danilo Cris Matunan, executive vice president and general manager at Crif Philippines, said Crif sees a big rebound in businesses post-pandemic as large companies expand their operations, tapping small and medium-sized businesses in the Visayas and Mindanao (VisMin) areas.

Crif is a global leader in credit bureau, business information and credit risk solutions.

“Top conglomerates are looking to expand (their businesses)... The opportunities for growth in this post-pandemic era are immense,” said Matunan.

Crif Philippines recently held a Crif-Vendor Integrity Access (VIA) Vendor Fair 2022 at Harolds Evotel Cebu to help businesses strengthen their connections and build new partners as they charter new and solid directions.

VIA is Crif Philippines’ flagship product that has facilitated over 64,000 unique business relationships between 100 of the country’s top conglomerates and the over 30,000 vendors enrolled in the system.

“Cebu is a hub for business both locally and internationally, and has been growing in that direction for years now,” said Retchel Poliquit, VisMin leader for Crif Philippines, of the choice for the event’s on-ground location.

“The potential for further development is too great to ignore, with Crif having a coverage of more than 100,000 active businesses in the Visayas-Mindanao regions. This Vendor Fair was meant to open those doors and we will continue on that path,” she said.

Vendor Fair 2022 saw 500 onsite delegates, as well as 300 virtual delegates, ranging from students and mid-level management to C-suite executives.

“From our lineup alone, it’s not difficult to see how storied these connections can get,” said Matunan. “We are committed to elevate businesses to the next level, and we take what that means very seriously. Yes, there is always an element of competition in business, but this event was about giving businesses big and small their best chance at success and endurance, especially since the terrain of commerce is always changing. VIA, apart from being our flagship product, is a reflection of our values—we make these connections happen, safely and efficiently, because it is vital to our economy that they do.”

Vendor Fair 2022 was attended by Maria Elena Arbon, regional director of the Department of Trade and Industry; Cris John Garcia, vice president for Membership Affairs at the Philippine Institute for Supply Management; Brian Connelly, president of the American Chamber of Commerce Philippines-Visayas; Ira Jon Kiener, chief executive officer of the Dealogikal Corporation; and Peachy Hapitan, president and chief operating officer of JE Hydro & Bio-Energy.

As trade and commerce continue to navigate new and exciting digital spaces and systems, it is still vital to preserve the human element of business and recognize its value.

Crif Philippines is chiefly concerned with striking this balance today and well into the future, not only for itself, but also for all of its partners, clients, and potential new connections.

Crif helps businesses to the next level with an expert blend of data and analytics. Through data-driven insights, it empowers businesses to make confident, sustainable decisions across the credit life cycle, while mitigating risk and fuelling growth.

Headquartered in Italy with more than 6,000 professionals worldwide, Crif operates in 40 countries across four continents.

It has a strong presence in Asia with regional headquarters in Hong Kong and Singapore, as well as offices in key cities including Beijing, Bishkek, Cebu, Dushane, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Jakarta, Kaohsiung, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Mumbai, Pune, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Taipei, Taichung, Tashkent and Zhongli.