J.K. Rowling delights happy couple by crashing Edinburgh wedding

Ben Arnold
J.K. Rowling helps celebrate wedding in Edinburgh (Credit: Facebook/Matt.E Photography)

She might not have had an official invite, but J.K. Rowling was made more than welcome nonetheless at a wedding in Edinburgh over the weekend.

Grooms Nick and John tied the knot at the handsome Prestonfield House, where the Harry Potter writer just happened to be having lunch.

She was happy to pose for a series of snaps by wedding photographer Matt Fothergill, who then stuck a selection on Facebook.

(Credit: Facebook/Matt.E Photography)

Nick commented that he was ‘flabbergasted at her being there’.

Fothergill told Deadline News (via Metro) that the pair were ‘bleeping like Beaker from the Muppets’ in sheer excitement.

He added to Pink News: “[Nick and John] were looking over my shoulder and looking quite excited.

“Then, they rushed towards me and said in very hushed tones something like, ‘JK Rowling is right behind you’ and then we joked about how cool it would be to have her in a wedding photo.

(Credit: Facebook/Matt.E Photography)

“I swallowed some serious nerves and ran up, fanboyed a smidge and asked as politely as I could if she wouldn’t mind posing for a quick picture with the boys as it was their wedding day.

“She was just delightful from start to finish. She turned and smiled, strode over and gave them both the biggest hugs and wished them the greatest of health and happiness.

“It was such a wonderful surreal beautiful moment.

“We laughed about it for about half an hour afterwards. Nick’s face in the pictures kind of gave away how starstruck we all were, I think. I actually squealed with delight when she was still within earshot.”

In a post on Facebook, Fothergill, who identifies as Hufflepuff, added: “I think there’s definitely that saying ‘Never meet you heroes…’ as in ‘don’t meet your idols’ as they can never live up to the hype and you will inevitably feel let down.

“I can safely say this was not one of those occasions.”

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