Jackson Yi, Liu Wen also left international brands

13 Aug – Following Yang Mi's withdrawal as ambassador for Versace, Chinese supermodel Liu Wen and TFBoys' Jackson Yi are now doing the same with US fashion house Coach and French brand Givenchy, respectively.

As reported on SHINE, the issue, which sparked from Versace identifying Hong Kong and Macau as their own countries on the back of its new tee, has now spilled into other fashion houses as well, as netizens recently unearthed previous faux tour shirt from the said brands doing the same blunder of referring to Hong Kong as an independent country.

Coach also made similar implication by listing Taiwan as its own separate entity.

Liu Wen wrote, "My carelessness in choosing which brand to work with has brought harm to everyone; I apologise to everyone here! I love my motherland and resolutely safeguard China's sovereignty."

Both Givenchy and Coach have released statements of apology.

Givenchy wrote, "The house of Givenchy firmly respects China's national sovereignty and territorial integrity. Immediate actions have been taken to recall the inaccurate t-shirt design from all markets, and measures of product and process review have been and will continue to be taken to avoid similar situations in the future."

As for Coach, the brand stated that they have already pulled the products back in May after finding the inaccuracy.

"Coach is dedicated to long-term development in China, and we respect the feelings of the Chinese people. We will continue to strive to provide exceptional products and service to Chinese customers," it stated.

(Photo Source: Jackson Yi Weibo)