‘Spirit Untamed’ star Jake Gyllenhaal faces tough questions from children interviewers, tries to explain NFTs

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With Spirit Untamed, screen star Jake Gyllenhaal makes the first animated, family-friendly movie of his 30-year career, playing Jim Prescott — dad to the adventurous horse lover Lucky (Isabela Merced) — in Universal’s big-screen spin-off of the popular Netflix series.

With the inaugural episode of Kid Gloves, Yahoo Entertainment’s new interview show, the Oscar-nominated 40-year-old actor also likely achieves another first: facing questions from a pair of elementary school sisters.

Yahoo Entertainment’s senior correspondent and host Kevin Polowy hands question-asking duties over to his daughters Lyla (8) and Luna (5) for the series.

That means Gyllenhaal is forced to finally weigh in on the controversial and deeply divisive debate over mermaids versus unicorns, field questions about fighting with his famous sister (Maggie Gyllenhaal), rehash his love for dancehall reggae sensation Sean Paul and attempt to explain NFTs to children.

Only Daddy Poopypants will regret this more.

(That will make more sense once you’ve watched the hilarious video above.)

— Video produced by Jon San and edited by Luis Saenz

Spirit Untamed is now playing. Watch the trailer:

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