James Charles claps back at trolls over his fashion week outfit

Abigail Malbon
Photo credit: Twitter/James Charles

From Cosmopolitan

  • James Charles posted a picture of his outfit for New York Fashion Week on Twitter.
  • Trolls came after him, but he had the sassiest clapback response.

By now, James Charles can brush off a troll like a piece of dust on his shoulder, but sometimes he prefers to call them out online over their comments - which is exactly what he did when someone went for him over his NYFW styling.

The YouTuber may specialise in beauty, but he knows how to pull off a fashion lewk when he needs to... case in point, this monochrome outfit:

While most of us were busy admiring the look (seriously, that bag? We need it) there were a few trolls who couldn't resist picking apart his outfit - or rather, his appearance. One shared a super zoomed-in picture of his foot, and wrote: "Sis, your big toe on the ground".

James swiftly took down the troll with one simple sentence, responding: "that’s because I am a man in heels lizz"

Points were made, guys.

Fans rushed to his defence, with one writing “It happens to women also. It’s just the style of the shoe. Don’t explain yourself. You look great.”

Another added: “Do.....people really find anything at this point? Istg you look fine James, jesus Christ.”

Seriously, have we not all had this moment in a pair of strappy heels? Let the man live, guys.

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