Jameson Blake: Let Franco Hernandez rest in peace

12 Dec – Actor Jameson Blake recently stated that he prefers not to make statements about his fellow Hashtag member Franco Hernandez's passing and complicate matters further.

As reported on Inquirer, the actor, who was asked about the conflicting versions about Hernandez's drowning in Davao last month from his girlfriend Janica Nam Floresca and another Hashtag member Tom Doromal, said that he just wants Hernandez to rest in peace.

"Everyone seems to have his own version of the story. Let him rest in peace. Even his parents are trying to be positive about the situation," he said.

Blake added that Hernandez is already gone, and talking about it won't bring him back to life.

The actor, who knew Hernandez's parents even before the latter's passing, said that he was able to comfort them during the funeral.

"They've accepted it in spite of how hard it was for them to lose their son," he said.

At the same time, he also admitted that Hernandez's death affected him, as they were pretty close.

"It was also the first time that I ever lost a friend. It had a big impact on me," he said.

(Photo source: Jameson Blake's Instagram)