Janet Napoles as state witness?

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Janet Lim Napoles during her daughter Jeane's lavish birthday party (Photo screenshot from Youtube.)

(UPDATE) Does Janet Lim Napoles, the alleged architect of the controversial P10-billion "pork barrel" scam, deserve to become a state witness?

This question surfaced after Napoles surrendered to no less than President Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III Wednesday night.

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Interior Secretary Mar Roxas however said that as of now, there had been no talk of Napoles becoming a state witness.

"There was no discussion about [being a] state witness," said Roxas, although he earlier tagged Napoles in the same ambush interview at Camp Crame as "possible witness."

"Sabi lang nila [Napoles] talaga ay nangangamba siya sa buhay niya at seguridad niya. Sa pangulo siya nagtitiwala. Ginampanan naman ng pangulo and kaniyang trabaho bilang executor of the land. Lahat ito ay ayon sa reglamento ng korte," said Roxas.

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Napoles spent the night in an air-conditioned room in Camp Crame. Upon her surrender, she was not handcuffed and even had a medical check-up. Napoles also underwent usual procedures after an arrest, such as giving fingerprint marks.

Roxas said the arrest warrant for Napoles for serious illegal detention will be returned to the court.

"Bukas magsisimula yung proseso, ireturn yung warrant sa korte dahil voluntary ang surrender. Magsisimulang muli ang legal processess na dapat mangyari," said Roxas.

The P10-million bounty earlier set by Malacanang has also been rescinded as Napoles already voluntarily surrendered.   

Meanwhile, Vice President Jejomar Binay thinks it is "premature" to discuss whether Napoles can be a state witness.

"As for the possibility that Mrs. Napoles be considered a state witness, as a lawyer, I would say it's too early to tell. There are requirements before a suspect is made a state witness, among these being that the evidence against the said suspect must be weak," said Binay.

"And that has yet to be established," he added.

Binay also said that while "it's good that she surrendered," he hopes Napoles would bare all the information available.

"I just hope she will tell the truth and bare everything she knows so that those involved in the scam would be brought to justice and be made accountable for their transgressions to the Filipino people, regardless of their political affiliations," said Binay.