Janice Dickinson in false teeth disaster

Janice Dickinson

Janice Dickinson was left horrified after losing two false teeth which were so expensive they could “feed a small village”.

The self-proclaimed world’s first supermodel was dining with a pal at New York eatery Sant Ambroeus when the incident occurred. She was looking forward to tucking into her food, but discreetly removed two temporary teeth to ensure she could fully enjoy her meal. Unfortunately Janice then misplaced them, causing uproar.

“It was the most incredulous moment that you'd never want to happen,” she told New York Post.

“I was so excited talking to [my friend] that I put my teeth in my napkin, and then I couldn't find them! Did they fall into the soup? These things are so expensive they could feed a small village.”

Janice, 56, immediately fell to the floor and began looking for the teeth. As time went on she became more and more stressed about their loss, ultimately requesting every diner in the establishment helped her search for them.

“I was under the table and it was sticky,” she wailed. “Age sucks. And thank God my boyfriend [David Blakely, 32] wasn't there. OMG, no one wants a snaggletooth!”

Janice was thrilled when she eventually recovered the teeth, which sit at the front and back of her mouth. Not one to be deterred by such an incident she simply washed them off in the bathroom, firmly set them in place and returned to her food.

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