Janno Gibbs jokingly asks Darryl Yap to make a movie about him

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Comedian Janno Gibbs jokingly asked filmmaker Darryl Yap to make a movie about him. (Photos: Janno Gibbs/Instagram, Darryl Yap/Facebook)
Comedian Janno Gibbs jokingly asked filmmaker Darryl Yap to make a movie about him. (Photos: Janno Gibbs/Instagram, Darryl Yap/Facebook)

In an apparent dig at the factual inaccuracies in filmmaker Darryl Yap's movie Maid In Malacañang, comedian Janno Gibbs has jokingly made a request of Yap to make a movie about himself.

Gibbs asked Yap to portray him with flattering features: "Direk Darryl, gawan mo naman ng movie ang buhay ko. Request: Gawin mo kong matangkad, matangos at hindi nale-late sa work. Wag mo na rin isaman yung mga chicks na na-link sa’kin. 🤣✌️❤️"

(Director Darryl, make a movie of my life. Request: Make me tall, with a sharp nose and never late for work. Don’t include the women that are linked to me.)

Gibbs signed off his post with, "Labyu Direk." (I love you Direk.)

In case people misunderstood that he was merely joking, Gibbs also requested news outlets not to remove the emojis in his post.

"Babala: Sa mga news portal na mag pick-up nito; wag nyo tanggalin ung Emojis at gawing seryoso ha!" Gibbs said.

(Warning: To the news portals that will pick this up – don’t remove the emojis and make it serious!)

Historical inaccuracies in Yap movie

Maid In Malacañang, directed by Darryl Yap, is supposedly a reenactment of the Marcos family's last three days in the Palace before they were forced to flee the Philippines during the EDSA Revolution in 1986. The Viva movie, starring Cesar Montano and Ruffa Gutierrez, was released this month.

Veteran director Joel Lamangan has pledged to make a movie to counter historical accuracies in Yap's film.

A scene in Maid In Malacañang portrayed the EDSA protesters who stormed the Palace as carrying flaming torches, when they did not carry such torches in real life.

The movie also inaccurately portrayed the reaction of former president Corazon "Cory" Aquino to Ferdinand Marcos Sr. being driven out of the Palace by protesters.

Furthermore, regarding a scene that depicted Aquino playing mahjong with the sisters of the Carmelite Monastery in Cebu, the nuns said that the movie trivialized their role during the EDSA Revolution.

The controversy surrounding Maid In Malacañang is part of ongoing fears that the Marcos family is attempting to revise history in order to depict themselves in a better light.

Yap made the movie in consultation with Senator Imee Marcos, daughter of then-president Ferdinand Marcos Sr.

Businessmen and Marcos-affiliated politicians reportedly gave away tickets to the movie for free.

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