Japanese Companies Promote Motorcycle Safety

MANILA, Philippines --- For the first time ever in the Philippines, the big four Japanese companies in the motorcycle industry are uniting to promote safety, quality, and originality.

Honda Philippines, Kawasaki Motors Philippines, Suzuki Philippines, and Yamaha Motor Philippines have joined hands to show their continuing commitment to the Filipino market. Known as the Big 4, these companies will spearhead the "Original na Bida" Campaign, an advocacy promoting the advantages of using Japanese-designed motorcycles and parts to ensure road safety for the motorcyclists.

These advantages include safety, quality, and originality.

The motorcycle market in the Philippines is growing. More Filipinos prefer motorcycles as their means of transportation. They find more convenience in motorcycle riding than commuting.

Due to this, the motorcycle industry faces the challenge of taking the initiative to contribute to the decline of the road accidents involving motorcyclists. Though the Big 4, with the help of the government, provides safety riding activities for their respective customers, facts show that such is not enough.

A motorcycle rider's knowledge about safety riding is not surefire help if the motorcycle itself, or some of its parts, is substandard.

The "Original na Bida" Campaign aims to educate the riders about the standards for original motorcycles and individual motorcycle parts, compared to cheap counterfeit motorcycle parts.

Motorcycles and motorcycle parts designed by Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Yamaha have passed various quality-control processes to be labeled safe, reliable, and of high quality. The Big 4, through their extensive research and development departments, tests these motorcycles and motorcycle parts through actual simulations and makes sure that all comply with local motorcycle standards.