‘Jealous’ ex-lover stabs 15-year-old in Mandaue

Kate F. Denolang

A 15-year-old boy was repeatedly stabbed by his former schoolmate who suspected him of having a romantic interest in his ex-girlfriend Thursday afternoon, Jan. 30, 2020, in Cabbancalan National High School, Mandaue City.

Grade 10 student Steve (real name withheld), who was stabbed with a Batangas knife (switch blade) in his abdomen, is in stable condition.

The police are still conducting follow-up operations against Mark Niño Donaire, 19, who remains at large.

Case investigator Pcpl. Shem Saranillo said Donaire was a former student of Cabancalan National High School.

After his relationship with Grade 10 student Ann (not her real name) ended last week, Donaire heard that Steve had allegedly taken a fancy to his ex-girlfriend.

Investigation showed that Donaire entered the school at noontime.

He disguised himself as a student by wearing a white shirt and a pair of khaki pants.

Because the school caters to morning and afternoon shifts, gates would be opened by noontime to allow students of the first shift to exit and students of the second shift to enter.

Since the security guard would be preoccupied with watching over the 2,515 students that would converge during this time, Donaire made it inside the school without a hitch.

Saranillo said Steve went to the comfort room located outside his classroom at 2:15 p.m.

Donaire followed suit and attacked Steve, stabbing him four times in the abdomen before fleeing.

Saranillo said an eyewitness saw Steve coming out of the comfort room holding his bleeding abdomen and calling for help.

Steve sustained wounds of up to three centimeters deep and was rushed to a hospital.

Although he is in stable condition, Steve still has to undergo some tests.

Saranillo said they have coordinated with Donaire’s parents and visited three houses that he may be hiding in.

Since Donaire is still at large, Ann was advised by her teacher to be home-schooled in the meantime.

In a separate interview, Department of Education (DepEd) Mandaue City Division legal officer Marinel Oro said the school principal immediately called for a meeting with faculty members after the incident.

The school principal also asked barangay officials of Cabancalan to deploy tanods (watchmen), especially at noontime, to maximize security.

Oro said DepEd already has plans to deploy two additional security guards to all public elementary and high schools to maintain peace and order and tighten security. (KFD)