Jealous man broke into woman's house, choked and dragged her around

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SINGAPORE — Unhappy that a woman that he liked was out drinking with her friends, he broke into her house and assaulted her, causing her to sustain a neck fracture. 

Shao Changdong, a Chinese national, also threatened the 28-year-old woman with a foldable knife and tried to make her take sleeping pills. He then brought her out of the house and dragged her around. 

The 27-year-old man was jailed for four-and-a-half years on Thursday (26 August) after he pleaded guilty to housebreaking, voluntarily causing grievous hurt to the victim, criminal intimidation, and abduction. Two charges of a similar nature, including wrongful restraint, were considered for his sentencing.

Shao and the Singaporean woman got to know each other as they were housemates in a unit at Bedok in 2016. In July 2019, the victim moved out. When she moved to her new unit, she placed a key by her room window, which faced the public corridor.

Shao had confessed his liking for the woman to her some time in 2020, but the woman had rejected him. The two still kept in touch as Shao owed the woman money and she wanted it back.

On 5 September last year at night, Shao texted the woman to ask if he could send fruits to her home. The woman replied that she was out drinking with some friends. She added that she would be out till late, but the man asked to know when she was done.

The man became unhappy and jealous, as he believed the friends that the woman was out with included other men. He packed a foldable knife, two sleeping pills and a white cloth with a bottle of clear liquid containing a mixture of water and cleaning agent into his sling bag, and left for the woman’s house, intending to restrain her.

At close to 1am on 6 September, Shao unlocked the main door with the key located by the window. After entering the unit, he locked the door.

He then forced open the locked door to the woman’s bedroom, closed it, and waited inside for her. While waiting, he sent messages to the woman asking what time she would be heading home, and whether he should sleep or wait up for her.

A few hours later, the victim texted that she had just ended her gathering and that they should meet another day. Some 10 minutes later, the woman arrived home and entered the living room, while the man wet his cloth with the liquid mixture he had brought. He then waited behind the bedroom door for the woman.

The woman then unlocked the bedroom door. As she stepped in and closed the door, the woman saw Shao and screamed.

In response, Shao grabbed the victim’s neck and muffled her scream. He locked the bedroom door and the woman fell on her bed. He placed the damp cloth over her nose and mouth for around five seconds while she struggled.

Shao then told the woman, “If you do not want to get injured, don’t talk” and the woman agreed. Shao continued to hold her neck and tightened his grip when the woman tried to speak. He told her to follow him home.

The woman asked why and Shao told her to keep quiet and listen to him. He showed her the sleeping pills and asked her to swallow them but she did not.

Taking out his foldable knife, Shao placed the blade against the woman’s neck and threatened, “If you do not want to see blood, just listen to what I say”.

Accused man brings victim out to buy cigarettes 

After a struggle, where the woman kicked the knife away, the two left the unit. He told the woman he wanted to buy cigarettes from a 7-Eleven convenience store nearby. He kept his hold on her wrist and would tighten the grip when passing by others.

At about 4.20am, they arrived at the convenience store at Block 109 Bukit Purmei Road. The woman tried to hold onto a display shelf in front of the payment counter, but Shao pulled her away and the shelf toppled. He then grabbed her body and dragged her before carrying her to the exit while she flailed about.

The struggle was captured on CCTV footage. A taxi driver witnessed the commotion and called the police.

Meanwhile, Shao dragged the woman into a field, causing her T-shirt and shorts to be covered in mud. The woman also lost her shoes.

Several minutes later, the police arrived and went towards them. Shao then placed his elbow around the victim’s neck in a choke hold, while the woman signalled for help to police officers.

The police officers directed Shao to release the victim and he complied. By this time, the woman had strangulation marks on her neck and bruises on her face. She was conveyed to Singapore General Hospital.

Apart from neck injuries and abrasions, the woman had a fracture of her hyboid bone, which is a bone situated at the base of her head. The fracture had been caused by Shao grabbing her neck. She was admitted into hospital and discharged on 7 September last year.

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