Jeep Gladiator Top Dog Concept will let you cook hot dogs anywhere you want

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Jeep just put together the mountain biking enthusiast’s dream off-roading truck. It’s called the Jeep Gladiator Top Dog Concept, and it essentially takes a huge number of off-the-shelf Jeep Performance Parts (JPP), then slaps them on a single Gladiator in pursuit of a mountain biking theme.

The big area of change is the bed. Jeep removed the standard bed in favor of a custom PCOR flatbed storage system. It’s loaded to the brim with features. The driver’s side features a battery-powered refrigerator and electric hotdog roller grille (because apparently there’s nothing bikers love more than a good dog after a hard day of riding). The passenger side has pull-out drawers, lighting switches and extra power supplies. 

Now, about the bikes. There are two rack structures on the roof for the bikes and any additional equipment a mountain biker may need, but the bike capacity maxes out at two. Jeep doesn’t say that it comes with a forklift to reach the roof, but you may want to invest in one if you intend to mount the bikes up there. We jest, but Jeep does specify that one of the drawers in the storage system has a foldable ladder that gives you access to the roof.

In typical Jeep fashion, this concept has a number of modifications to help you get further off the beaten track to begin the riding. The list of parts include a JPP two-inch lift kit, Fox shocks, 17-inch JPP beadlock-capable wheels, 37-inch BFGoodrich mud-terrain tires, steel fender flares for more clearance, a JPP snorkel intake, winch in front, winch in back and JPP off-road LED lights for the A-pillars. Additional body armor includes JPP rock rails and a steel front bumper (inspired by the Jeep J6’s grille guard).

The exterior is painted in “K-9 Blue,” and the color theme is continued to the interior trim. Lastly, it adds Mopar stainless steel pedal covers with black rubber pads for grip. If you want an even more in-depth walkaround by Mark Trostle, head of design for Ram and Mopar, go ahead and check out the video below.

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