Jeepney fares could be hiked up to PHP16 as diesel prices continue to climb

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Jeepney fares are likely to see another increase in September and could go as high as PHP16 (US$0.28) as the Land Transportation and Franchising Regulatory Board (LTFRB) said that an increase in jeepney fares nationwide was long overdue.

LTFRB Chairperson Cheloy Velicaria-Garafil said that while they would likely release the new fare rates by next week, the agency was still deciding how much out of the PHP3 to PHP4 additional fare petition would be imposed on commuters.

Jeepney fares were first raised to PHP11 in July after soaring pump prices caused several public transport operators and drivers to work at a loss. Garafil noted that the last time a fare hike was implemented, diesel cost PHP44 per liter, half of what it costs now.

Meanwhile, diesel prices continue to rise with a PHP6.2 price hike on diesel and kerosene. Gasoline prices are set to increase by PHP1.40.

In a position paper, jeepney drivers and operators argued that the end of the government’s fuel subsidy earlier this year, as well as the jump in prices this week, made an increase in transport fares urgently needed.