Jeffree Star responds to Blood Lust palette criticism

Laura Capon
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2020 has been wild for Jeffree Star. He’s launched his Blood Lust collection, moved into a new LA mega-mansion, announced the end of his five-year relationship with Nate Schwandt, cancelled his European masterclass tour and released even more mystery boxes.

All that and we're only six weeks in...

But in true JS style, what’s all the hype without a little controversy?

The Blood Lust showstopper - his 18-pan hexagon eyeshadow palette - has raised a few eyebrows in the JS fandom. That's because those who love Jeffree for his dramatic, out there shades, have found the colour story a little underwhelming.

Despite being the 3rd instalment in the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Blood Line, this purple palette doesn’t adhere to a colour code as strict as it’s Blue and Red sisters. And this deviation from the norm didn’t go down well with *all* of Jeffree's fans, with some taking to Twitter to express their disappointment.

"I thought there were going to be lots of dark rich purples and golds to compliment them from the packaging. This looks like the jaw breaker pallets little sister," wrote one fan in response to his reveal video.

"I was thinking this during the reveal. I love Jeffree & he puts out amazing products but I was disappointed in the colours of the PURPLE blood sister. I don't think it got the colour dedication the other bloods have. Wish there was more PURPLE. Also don't think we need 3 lavenders," tweeted another.

Never one to leave his fans in the dark, the makeup mogul took to his Instagram stories to set the record straight.

“I’m seeing 90% everyone is dying, gagging and living, and I’m seeing 10% ‘Jeffree, we wanted a few more purples in the palette,” he began.

“I fully get what a lot of you are saying.”

“I wanted to make a palette that could complement any pink, any purple, any magenta, and fuchsia look. And I think maybe the photography is translating a little light on a few of the shades but when you see them all in person and you touch them, and the shifts and the metallic and the lavenders… bitch, it’s everything I dreamed of”

And just to tease us, Jeffree dropped some hints about his next palette: “I didn’t want to go full dark goth. I know some of you were maybe expecting that but if you want a crazy goth moment… get ready for the next palette after this one.’

However, not everyone was disappointed and most are still desperate to get their hands on Blood Lust (including us).

"#BLOODLUST is literally SO GORGEOUS. I'm really 'bout to go broke when it comes out," wrote one fan.

"It’s so beautiful. I’m actually crying. Real fucking tears y’all! ⁦‪@JeffreeStar⁩ has done a big thing here. 2020 is the year of #BLOODLUST," added another.

If you need me, I’ll be refreshing the JSC Instagram for any news on the pending crazy dark goth moment.

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