Jennica Garcia is pregnant with second child

13 Dec – Actress Jennica Garcia recently announced that she and husband Alwyn Uytingco are having another child.

As reported on ABS-CBN, the actress, who posted the good news on Instagram back on 10 December, wrote that it was a dream come true for her and Uytingco, as they had been trying since January.

However, she admitted that she is having a difficult pregnancy this time around.

"My doctor diagnosed our condition with threatened abortion because I've been contracting on almost a daily basis. While having my trans-v ultrasound, doctor said I was contracting but I couldn't feel it. Because of this I was asked to be on bed rest and take some medications," wrote Garcia.

The actress added that she has learned to appreciate her husband and daughter Mori even more now that she is carrying another baby.

"Both have been very understanding of what I am going through. Even my 2-year-old started being patient with me. I hear her talking to her doll, how they must keep their voices down so I could rest," she said.

Finally, Garcia expressed her gratitude to everybody who prays for the health of their second child.

Garcia, who is the daughter of veteran actors Jean Garcia and Jigo Garcia, secretly married Uytingco in 2014 in San Juan City. Daughter Mori was born a year later.

(Photo source: Jennica Garcia's Facebook)