Jennifer Aniston just wore the exact same suit as Harry Styles and we're not okay

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Photo credit: GETTY - Getty Images
Photo credit: GETTY - Getty Images

The internet is going wild this morning after learning that everybody's favourite friend Jennifer Aniston just twinned outfits with singer and fashion icon Harry Styles.

The Morning Show actress hilariously responded to fans, who spotted that the pair had worn the exact same brown Gucci suit after writer Evan Ross Katz pointed out the now-iconic moment on Instagram.

Naturally, the internet went bananas. Like, we never saw this coming, but now we can't imagine a world where Jen and Harry don't share looks. Amiright?

While the 'Watermelon Sugar' singer first wore the brown and white patterned suit to the Brit Awards last year, Jen was photographed in the exact same look for her September cover shoot with InStyle magazine.

Taking to Instagram Stories, the funny woman hilariously reposted the viral pic, telling fans to now call her "Harriet Styles".

Photo credit: @jenniferaniston - Instagram
Photo credit: @jenniferaniston - Instagram

But, this isn't the only fashion moment these two ridiculously good looking humans share. Eagle-eyed fans spotted that Harry has previously worn the exact same 'Save the drama for your mama' white tee-shirt as Jen's character Rachel off Friends. Coincidence? We think not.

Proving that the duo's fashion appreciation is mutual, Harry's sister, Gemma Styles took to Instagram to share how the '90s inspired look came about. "Okay but I embroidered this t-shirt and Jen An not only knows it exists but posted it on her stories. How does one continue with normal life after this," she captioned the pic.

Photo credit: @gemmastyles - Instagram
Photo credit: @gemmastyles - Instagram

Ahhh okay, so this may just be the best news we've ever seen and the Twitterverse agrees, with fans bowing down to this unlikely, but totally brilliant fashion pairing we never knew we needed:

Okay, okay, we're done, we promise. But, how about that Jen x Harry collab though? Anything is possible.

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